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Leading With Questions!


A few days ago at lunch a good friend of mine, Bob Tiede, asked me three very interesting questions.   1) What are you doing really well? 2) What could you improve upon and 3) Why haven’t you taken the steps necessary to improve?  As we bantered back and forth, I realized the VALUE in the order the questions were asked.  #1 was asked to set us into a positive mindset.   #2, in light of our “positive mindset” resulted in a proactive focus instead of a defensive focus.  This lead to a solutions discussion instead of excuses!

After the lunch, I spent some time thinking about how I could introduce these questions into discussions with my clients, our borrowers, and our suppliers.    The possibilities actually are endless, and when we can approach any situation with an inquisitive attitude instead of a “know it all” attitude, we will always get to the BEST solution possible!!

After lunch, Bob offered a free download of his book, “Leading with Questions”.   You can access it athttp://leadingwithquestions.com/great-leaders-ask-questions/      I would strongly encourage you to download this free book!  I would love your feedback!

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